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    This is your chance to experience a profound faith healing, relaxing , unique, transformative. The 1 hour sesion of guided relaxation meditation will bring your higher mind or spirit consciousness where you become aware of what you need for self healing. While you are deeply relaxed, we now connect to the healing power of spirit. Feel the presence of the Creator as you channel healing energy. Feel a massive waterfall of light pour over you, illuminating your heart. Good for all physical and psychological, issues as well as to experience a profound connection to the Lord for your own spritual progress. Via Skype or other online messenger. Order your session and I will contact you to choose a time.

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    Calming Scripture and Affirmations

    A very relaxing way to connect with God.

    God, Give me Guidance: Scripture and Affirmations

    When we need guidance, we can turn to the Lord for help.

    Confidence and Strength through Jesus: Scripture and Affirmations

    Faith brings confidence. Allow your faith in Jesus lift you to a higher place.

    Psalms for Healing

    A special formula for healing.

    Relaxing Sleep: Christian verse and affirmations for sleep

    Heal Sadness and Depression; Affirmations and Scripture

    Bring Miracles: Affirmations and Verse

    Guided Meditation: Walk with Jesus in Heaven

    Soothing Scriptures and Affirmations

    Psalms for Faith, Strength, Comfort

    Affirmations for Divine Assistance: God Help Me

  • About Piously Good

    Piously Good was created for those searching relaxing spiritual nourishment from their home.

    Garry is a writer and therapist who practices a blend of spiritual and psychological healing, along with Bible based meditation and prayer. He has 15 years of experience in healing, remote healing, faith healing, energy healing.
    We love nature, hiking, communing with God in everything. Seeing God in everything.
    We love creating new things to benefit people. Life is a continual prayer to the Creator.
    We love to share and encourage a spiritually based life.

    Of course, I enjoy making and sharing anything that can possible help other people on their spiritual journey towards God. It is with this inspiration that I created the Piously Good YouTube channel to share

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